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 In this video I would like to show you how in a simple way you can relieve the pain on your teeth and stop bleeding after a tooth operation.
It doesn’t matter if you have pain before or after the tooth treatment. This therapy can also be used as an accompanying therapy to the conservative dental treatment.For the treatment you would need:
– a painful or bleeding tooth
– buckwheat seed
– a dull pencil or a special acupuncture point finder
– a band-aidI would be happy to support you in the treatment of pain or some diseases in a natural and simple way and stay in touch!!!!! If you liked the video, thumbs up and share the video with the others! Maybe it will help someone else 

:)Music that is heard at the beginning in the background was composed by Professor Park Jae Woo – developer of this method.
Πηγή: Sujok Germany(Οι ανωτέρω πληροφορίες του άρθρου είναι ενημερωτικές και  δεν έχουν σκοπό να υποδείξουν θεραπεία, ούτε την πρόθεση να αντικαταστήσουν τυχόν ιατρική συμβουλή ή ιατρική οδηγία.Εάν αντιμετωπίζετε προβλήματα υγείας, λαμβάνετε φαρμακευτική αγωγή, θα πρέπει υποχρεωτικά να λάβετε την έγκριση του θεράποντα ιατρού σας.)